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About 8 Hosting

8 Hosting Server Room

We are 8 Web Design, Hosting & Domains, an Australian Web Design, Hosting & Domains company created in 2014. Our services are offered through two different websites 8 Hosting and 8 Web Design. We provide all the expertise, tools and creativity required to help you build your online business.

Our hosting servers are configured with date, time and Australian currency, enabled with PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, ASP, ASP.NET Framework 4.0 and more than 100 pre-installed applications ready to use.

Our cloud of servers is located in Dallas TX USA.

We differ from the competition by:

Network Infrastructure

We have partnered with Caminoweb to have a subnet with an exclusive RACK on the largest Softlayer data centre located in Dallas TX USA, AS7 Type II certified . It consists of a cluster of servers each of them with the latest technology and Internet connection with 1000 Mbps bandwidth.

8 Hosting’s robust infrastructure increases the uptime at levels greater than 99.9% without interruption. Furthermore, having a unique rack allows us to dynamically balance the load on the servers without service interruption.

Servers Technology

All our servers have at least 2 processor cores INTEL XEON 8 of 64 bits each and at least 32 GB of RAM.

8 Hosting have every web server configured with 4 physical disks in RAID 10 (Combination of RAID 1 and RAID 0). Having a server configured with RAID 10 means that any data is recorded in at least two physical disks (RAID 1). Should one of the disks fail, the system continues to function normally and a disk-change alert is generated. Moreover, RAID 0 accelerates the processes in the server as it allows double read/write capacity.

Other hosting companies do not have redundancy, therefore when the disk fails the service gets interrupted.

8 Hosting Backups

8 Hosting keeps a weekly backup of all the information contained on the servers. This backup is only available to 8 Hosting technicians to be used in case of server disaster. However, keeping an updated backup of their website is the user’s responsibility.

We Deliver What We Offer

Overselling is a common practice among hosting companies. Overselling occurs especially when companies offer ”UNLIMITED space or traffic”. It is technically impossible to provide unlimited resources, nevertheless many companies use it as a marketing strategy.

We prefer to be 100% transparent and be consistent with our core values of honesty, responsibility and high quality.

Most of our clients such as Locksmiths Near You, are happy to give us a good recommendation. Please contact if you want to know more about our relationships with our clients.

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